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Mongoose as a godchild

Nearly all of the zoos and zoological gardens aim to offer their animals a maximum of comfort, best possible care and appropiate keeping-conditions like housing, entertainment and care.

On the other hand, there are financial and staffing limitations to take. In general, there always is a lack of money!

Only in rares cases, the entry fee covers the upkeep of the animals. All the work of the animal-keepers, administration and quite a big part of the food-invoices sadly can't be covered by the revenues.

Sponsor-supporting is needed for almost every zoo and animal park! Unfortunately, money flow is not abundant and many projects must be postponed or discontinued.

Animal-sponsorship could help!

Meanwhile, almost all zoos and animal parks created the opportunity to enter into a sponsorship. The sponsorship can be limited to one year or an indefinite period of time. The conditions for the sponsorship vary widely between the zoos.


Duties and rights:

With entering an animal sponsorship, the sponsor is committed to spend a certain amount of money to the Zoo, annually. This money is earmarked and is intended to the benefit of the godchild and his mates. This might reflect in food with a higher quality, toys and additional smaller acquisitions such as more heat-lamps or better equipment and planting of the enclosure.

Schild mit Nennung der Tierpaten

Animal sponsorship is rarely tied to a individual animal, but includes the species. It would be quite too difficult for the keepers to determine the favorite animal 'Maxi' and feed it the exquisite food while the housemates have to be satisfied with the regular meal ...

Zwergmanguste als Patentier

As a sponsor, you rarely have direct influence to the actual use of the money.

And of course, you do not aquire any rights on the animals - there are no 'special-hours-for-cuddling', etc.

But all the zoos do ensure explicitly that the sponsorship-money directly contributes to the benefit of the godchild.

If you like to get involved beyond your cash-support, please inquire with administration (or the responsible keepers) to quickly determine the possible extent of your help. It will be very much appreciated!

Your 'reward':

Zierde-Element Even if your sponsorship refers 'only' to financial support, there is always certainty that you support your godchild and there is a warm feeling of contentment and satisfaction and assurance that your support is well used for the benefit of the animal! Knowing, you always visit may visit your loved godchild carries you through many a gloomy day.

Unlike in various shady fundraising activities - animal support guarantees to 100% that your support is used as intended!

Tree of sponsorship Many zoos and animal parks issue a certificate on entering a sponsorship. Most of the administraions even display insignia with the name of the sponsor nearby the enclosure of the godchild or on display the name on a central panel. Zierde-Element

Primarly the greatest reward for a sponsorship is a happy animal!

In most cases, adminstration of the zoo issues a tax-receipt for sponsors. In various countries, this qualifies for a certain tax-abatement.

Some zoos even give further benefications to the sponsors like year-round free access or invitations to special events!

Sponsorship as a gift
A mongoose-sponsorship even makes a very nice gift for your loved ones, in particular for children!
Kids tends to be very enthusiastic every time you propose visiting the godchildren at the zoo! And exitement and proudness even grows prouder, if your kid sees their name on the insignia near the enclosure!

Then they realize: This really is an amazing gift!

Why should you prefer 'mongooses' as godchilds?

The sponsorship fees are often staggered to the size of the animal and complexity of maintenance. Mongoose are small but highly active animals which need premium food (meat) and distractions and entertainment in everyday's life for staying safe and sound!

Zierde-Element Therefore, care for mongooses is quite costly. Unfortunately, there is not much left in the budgets for extra needs - this is the point, a sponsorship comes in: Enabling the aquirement of special goodies like toys and special food will be very much appreciated!

For further information about animal-sponsorship please visit the respective sponsorship-programs of some selected zoos:

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