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Already in the mid-19th Century, well-known zoologist Alfred Brehm knew in his encyclopedia "Brehm's Life of Animals" but good things to report on the Mongoose:

"... because they are very clean, neat, cheerful and relatively good-tempered animals. They fight the vile vermin of southern countries, poisonous snakes and scorpions with admirable courage. Famous and honored are the mongooses mainly because of their struggles with poisonous snakes." Zebramanguste in Landau Zierde-Element

A proper internet-presence had to be dedicated to those agile and clever animals, which comes with such a positive character - the mongoose really deserves our attention!

This website would like to provide informations about the mongooses and offers an insight into the fascinating and exciting world of those curious little animals.

There is much to explore - enjoy browsing!

And probably you find the little goblins so likable that you want to take out a sponsorship at a zoo in your vicinity ...?