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Bringing-up mongooses:

If you are very well aware and confident about needs and requirements of mongooses (space, family etc.) and can absolutely guarantee the welfare of them for very long terms, caring for mongooses can provide great joy and contentment. Mongooses are very social animals and can accept a caregiver as a full member of a mongoose-pack, which can lead to a certain affection.

Zierde-Element There is a highly regarded report (German only) about the successful keeping of Meerkats available at 'Erdmaennchen.Info'.

Emergency-Care - Foundling in Kenya:

It is quite a challenge, to take care for mongooses in desperate need: In early October 2009 a cry for help from Kenya came in via contact-adress ''. Tanja and her husband Jarat found a dishevelled little mongoose besides the road. They felt compassion for the unfortunate creature and picked the foundling up for proper caring.
Nanji in Kenya
As it turned out, it is a little 'white-tailed-mongoose', that was believed to have been abducted by a bird of prey. After some time, the catch was apparently too heavy, so the bird dropped the cargo harshly onto the dusty roads of Nairobi. Nanji in Kenya

Good thing, attentive Tanja found the animal by the roadside, recognized the black despair and took the kidnapped mongoose in her care. A tender and loving care began: Frequent feeding - even at night - had to be ensured and many hours of sleep have been sacrificed for the sake of the little foundling.

This raises the question of proper feeding: Aggressive and high-protein cow milk is hard to digest for a small mongoose and could lead to severe digestive problems. Alternatively, the cow milk was generously diluted with soy milk and fed every two hours.

Other sources report good experiences with puppy milk, which can be purchased relatively easily in a pet shop and should be well-suited for small predators. Now and again, slight (!) massage of the belly helps the animal to digest properly. modified Baby-bottle for mongoose

Good experiences were made with a syringe with attached rubber-tubing instead of a needle. Thus the animal could independently suck the hose, much like it would suck on the tits of the mother.

Zierde-Element An ordinary baby bottle did a great job as well. The bottle is not outfitted with a normal baby mouthpiece, but with a stretched rubber tubing provided (medical: 'surgical tube', 1-2 mm in diameter). Again, the mongoose can suck independently and does not have to get milk squirted into it's mouth, which could cause to throw up, or taking too much air, which impairs digestion.
Nanji in Kenya

A hot-water-bottle covered by a towel was very much appreciated to sleep and sit on.

Due to the occupation of the foster parents, there was a lack of time and a proper solution had to be provided: Luckily, after intense search in the suburbs of Nairobi, they found Angie and Jim, who already have experiences with the breeding of various small mammals.
The future for small 'Nanji' (Swahili for 'security') is uncertain but not hopeless at all: Critical weeks lie ahead until Nanji will have fully recovered from his ordeal on the roads. But thanks to great care of foster parents Tanja and Jarat, as well as Angie and Jim, expectations for the foster child are looking much brighter.

The estate of Angie and Jim provides plenty of space for fun and joy in particular because there are other foundlings as company, too. Zierde-Element

Nanji's long-term outlook is bright: Other white-tailed-mongooses have been spotted in the area and so there is the opportunity to release Nanji into the adjacent woods into freedom.

The pictures shown here were kindly provided by Tanja - Thank You!

[UPDATE 10/16/2009]
Meanwhile, small Nanji has settled down at Angie and Jim's: It likes to eat meat, is quite loud and lively + chases both, children and dogs, in the garden of his foster parents. This sounds very nice, indeed!
Let's wait for further information from Kenya!

Zierde-Element Zierde-Element
[UPDATE 11/07/2009]
Nanji is raising hell at the house of his foster parents, had been fallen off the couch and limps a bit now. Let's hope it's just a harmless 'sporting injury', and the little critter will recover, soon. Care can not be better: Nanji is fed with eggs and meat and wants to be cuddled all the time!

[UPDATE 03/20/2010]
Unfortunately, there is no information about Nanjis destiny: Our reliant informant is out of Kenya for professional reasons. But there will be a return, soon. So news and probably some pictures are announced.

[UPDATE 04/02/2010]
Eventually, news from Kenya: Nanji measures now a full 80cm (head to tail) and browses through house and gardens. The foster parents have a lot of fun! Great, that's good news!

[UPDATE 01/10/2011]
News from Africa: The mongoose lives below a container, can move freely on the grounds of his foster parents, is occasionally sighted and appears rather large, fat and happy. Obviously, it enjoys excellent health and has fun! Excellent and uplifting news, indeed!

Findel-Manguste in Portugal - vor Wasserschale

Emergency-Care - Foundling in Portugal:

In April 2011 a call for help arrives from Portugal: Barbara also had found a small mongoose along the road - apparently an orphan ...

Orphan mongoose in Portugal - enclosure Back home, she cared fondly for the little animal and attended carefully to proper feeding and digestion.

Pretty soon, the foster child recovered, gained strength and became accustomed to solid food.

Around Barbara's home, mongooses are roaming across the woods. So it seems to bee a good idea to release the little guy into the woods once it is able to feed and care for itself.

Findel-Manguste in Portugal - im Gehege Zierde-Element
A successful introduction into a family of the same species, and living in the wilderness is a much better option than being destined living a life as a pet.

Therefore, Barbara's little mongoose is currently being prepared for the wilderness!

Hopefully, we'll stay tuned for more news from Portugal!?

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