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Wooden sculpture of a Mongoose

As described in Keeping, caring and feeding of mongooses is quite tricky
and sometimes difficult as the needs of the animals are hard to meet.

Mangusten-Holzskulptur Frontal But what if you refrain from keeping mongooses but your wish to have these little guys around is still alive...? Zierde-Element

Why not create a wooden sculpture of a mongoose? Enrich your home with a guarding banded mongoose, 'protecting' you and your family against the odditys of life?

Probably you like the idea and have the skills to create Mangusten-Holzskulptur Head a nice wooden mongoose or might ask a friend - give it a try!

This sculpture is based on three photographs of a banded mongoose at the Berlin Zoo standing on it's hind-legs.

The result is impressive: Both, body shape and proportions are extremely well made and match perfectly a banded mongoose! Even the fur-patterns of banded mongooses has been carefully analyzed and reproduced. The eyes perfectly reflect the vigilance and awareness of mongooses for enemies - this is very well captured. Even the clawed paws were prepared lovingly!

Now the cute little wooden sculpture adorns the livingroom!