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Keeping of mongooses as pets:

Can I really guarantee species-appropriate keeping?

Keeping wild and exotic animals like mongooses at home and in the garden is very difficult and burdensome and therefore often not recommended!

Most of the mongooses-species are very social animals, feeling comfortable only in a larger group. They need social structures and contact within the family - this is easily demonstrated in the need for communication during mutual foraging and scratching the grounds.

For social animals like mongooses, there is nothing worse than being alone - loneliness causes mental stress and severe suffering! Zierde-Element Zierde-Element

Mongooses need lots of space to roam. They are very intelligent, extremely active and used to scratch their food on vast expanses of sand, gravel and grassland.

Those animals have high demands on their environment - providing shelter in a small and bleak enclosure or even an apartment would simply mean pain and agony for the mongooses!

Out of love for animals, keeping of mongooses should be considered very carefully!

Purchasing and keeping animals out of a mood (or because it's hip) should never ever be approached! Please refrain from keeping animals if it's not true dedication to animals which induces the keeping! Mongooses are biting!
Keeping of mongooses requires detailed specialist knowledge. The needs of the animals should be clearly identified well in advance. The expense of appropriate animal care is not to be underestimated - keeping of mongooses implies a high degree of knowledge, learning, understanding, commitment and attention!

Are you really ready?

Zierde-Element An animal is no toy! It's not an object you can ignore while there is a shortage of time; it's no affair you can put aside or give away easily if it does not please you!

Mongooses look like fun and very cute with their cuddly fur - however, their sharp claws and teeth show that they are not suited for cuddling. It is not assumed, they become very tame!

So, if this is not yours, please stop thinking about keeping mongooses!

Banded Mongoose
In some countries and states, keeping mongooses must be registered and additional a a veterinary-certificate has to be pre-approved. Quite a few countries (e.g. the U.S.A.) prohibit the keeping of mongooses for various reasons (mostly impact onto the native fauna). Sauce For The Mongoose

If you are still interested in keeping mongooses, there is a book named 'Sauce for the Mongoose' which serves to people who really want to put all their efforts in keeping mongooses in an appropriate environment - best success then and please drop me a note!

It is very commendable to offer a home for mongooses - they are very adoring and loveable animals. But please, please, please consider carefully consider realizing your project for the animal's sake.

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