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Listen to the mongooses:

Zierde-Element During a visit to the Luisenpark in Mannheim, communication between banded mongooses could be recorded - would you like to listen what they have to say?

Sound of Mongooses Click to listen to the mongooses - do not forget to turn-on your speakers!

Mongooses in Literature:

Mungo in literature
Chilean winner of the Nobel-Prize Pablo Neruda reports in some chapters of his memoirs "Pablo Neruda: Memoirs" about his pet and travel-companion 'Kiria'. Kiria is a small mongoose, which bravely accomanies Neruda halfway around the globe. In dark hours, Kiria reanimates Neruda's spirits an spends fondness and solace.

"Mahlangeni: Stories of a Game Ranger's Family" by Kobie Krüger tells in a chapter about a little outcast mongoose, which lives in the vicinity of the Krüger's home in the middle of the south-african Kruger-Nationalpark. Nearly every evening, the little mongoose comes to the terrace, where the family is braiing (having a barbecue) for to get it's fair share of meat.
Until some day, when a mongoose-pack is roaming around the house and the little mongoose can integrate into the new family. Soon later, it moves along with his new found company. This is sad for the Krüger's, but great for the little mongoose!

This book is very well written and easy to read. The authentic spirit and experiences of one of the last remaining wilderness are very well transfered - it's fun to read this book!

Zierde-Element Rikki-Tikki-Tavi "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" is a small outcast mongoose in India. An english family finds the mongoose besides the road, picks it up and takes the mongoose home to nurse it.

The mongoose enjoys it's life at the home of the english family, when some day two vicious snakes invade the garden. As soon as they attack a family member, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi immediately is up on it's feet and fights the snakes. After a long and arduous struggle, the mongoose defeats the snakes and the family is save! Now Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is a real hero in the family and is even more adored.

This is of course a children's book. But because of the amazingly lovable and charming writing, and very nice illustrations, this book is very worth reading by adults as well!


Mongooses on DVD:

Band of Brothers - The mongoose Mob On the double-DVD "Band of Brothers - The Mongoose Mob" the BBC reports about life of a pack of banded mongooses in Uganda.

The pictures are brillant and extraordinary. The report shows life, sorrows and joys of 'the brothers' over a longer period. The wildlife filmmaker have studied the banded mongooses accurately in great detail!

This DVD stands out and is a highlight of animal reportages and very well worth seeing!

Mongooses as TV-stars:

Zierde-Element German television channel 'VOX' aires a series called 'Wildes Wohnzimmer' (wild living-room) which shows mongoose-related stories in sporadic intervals.

The reports about peoples caring for mongooses and meerkats are nice to watch, but they better should stress, that keeping mongooses at home is no good idea.

They rarely point out, that the shown charakters are nursing-professionals caring for animals in emergency-cases: If a mongoose is outcast or expulsed by it's parents and chances to survive are low, then it is great if there are some experts to care for and nurse the pledging.

A TV-show should never animate peoples supposing, caring for exotic animals is an easy task! But 'Wildes Wohnzimmer' does and that simply is not correct!

On occasions, the major TV-channels in Germany ARD and ZDF show some very nice reports about mongooses. They are very attractice and informative (very often BBC-productions) and very nice to enjoy.

But sometimes, they exaggerate: A movie called the 'Busch-Dämon' ('Demon of the Jungle') turns out as a normal report about a mongoose pack in southern Spain. Mongooses are carnivores and no more or less 'bloodthirsty' than any other carnivore.

What about this hyping title? Now, even the mongooses have to serve for the TV-rates...?

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